• Funko was founded in 1998 as a bobblehead company.
  • In 2005 Funko was sold to the current owner, Brian Mariotti.
  • Nearly 100 different licences including Marvel, DC, WWE, Paramount, Dreamworks, Hasbro, WB, Disney, NFL, BBC, Cartoon Network, AMC, Star Wars and lots more.
  • Approx 70% of Funko’s revenue comes from Pops alone.
  • Funko’s mascot is Freddy Funko who has also been made into lots of different Pop figures. You can always tell a Freddy Funko as he always wears the symbolic crown. These are often produced in very low quantities, sometimes as low as 12.
  • The Funko warehouse holds over 1 million figures.
  • Funko has 14 other lines of stylised figures… Dorbz, Fabrikations, Vinyl Idolz, Mystery Minis, Mopeez, Hikari, Legacy Figures, Re-action Figures, Pocket pops/keychains, Super Deluxe Figures, Vinyl Vixens, Wacky Wobblers, Vinyl3 & most recently, Rock Candy.
  • Funko have also extended their Pop merchandise into T-shirts, bookmarks, pens, home essentials.
  • Funko’s slogan – “If it ain’t Funko, it aint fun!”
  • Former products include: Spastik Plastik, Blox & Funko Force.
  • Pops were originally announced as ‘Funko Force 2.0’. 4 characters were produced (Blue Batman, Black Batman, Batgirl & Green Lantern) in a very limited quantity and packed in a clamshell style case. These currently sell for over £1000 each
  • The most popular pop is Batman.
  • The rarest and most expensive standard pop is Alex from Clockwork Orange with only 12 commons and 12 chases ever made. (We are sure there are Freddy Funkos/prototypes out the that are worth more than this but have never been sold)
One comment on “Funko Fact File
  1. Helen smith says:

    Although the original Alex pop is a 1/12, it’s not the rarest. The b/w Beatles were 1/10. There are also a number of 1/12 Freddy pops.

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