Below is a list of all the common questions that new collectors ask within our community groups.
What does ____  mean?
ISO:  In Search Of
NFS/NFT:  Not for Sale / Not for Trade
OOB:  Out of Box (displaying your pops out of the box)
MIB:  Mint in Box. The box and the figure has no damage whatsoever. Inbox collectors, this is for you!
LE:   Limited Edition. This generally means only that number of that item was made. (This is region specific, so some may show up in other countries with a different sticker/no sticker at all).
Flocked:  Fuzzy/furry
GITD:  Glow in the Dark (will usually have a sticker marking the figure as “Glows in the Dark”). Usually these won’t glow unless charged with a blacklight.
Exclusive:  A limited run of a figure that is specific to a certain store or event, for example Hot Topic Exclusive/SDCC Exclusive. There are also Pre-Release Exclusives which means it is only exclusive for a specific amount of time and then will be widely released. (This is also region specific, and some may show up in other countries with a different sticker/no sticker at all.)
HTF:  Hard to Find
Chase: Special variant of a pop that is rare and can be hard to find.  These come in ratios varying from 1:3 to 1:36 making some more rare than others.  The ratio does not mean if you buy 36 you will get 1 chase.  It means for every 36 made by Funko, 1 will be a Chase version – it does not have to do with how they are packaged. (Most will have a sticker that says “Chase”)
HT or HTE:  Hot Topic or Hot Topic Exclusive
PIAB:  Pop in a Box – Popular subscription service for mystery pops. Also a retailer.
MCC:  Marvel Collectors Corps – Popular US subscription service for Marvel themed boxes.
PPG:  Pop Price Guide!  A guide to what your pops and collection is worth. Unfortunately not very accurate for UK pop values. When you see members post their “top 10” or the box that shows how many pops they own and the value of them –  this is where those come from! 🙂
SDCC:  San Diego Comic Convention – a convention held yearly in San Diego which is huge for Funko and will have many exclusive Funko pieces that are widely sought after
Fundays: A special event and dinner held by Funko during San Diego Comic Convention in which Funko will announce new lines and hold giveaways, proto tosses, and other great fun Funko stuff! (Tickets are separate from SDCC, attendees get a Box of Fun (BOF) that contains 3 Freddy Funko Pops based on popular lines from that year)
Freddy Funko:  Funko’s mascot Pop! (These are very rare and are limited anywhere from 12 to 500 and are modelled after various lines. Eg. Freddy Leatherface, Freddy Beetlejuice, Freddy Lannister, The Walking Fred, etc.)
NYCC:  New York Comic Convention – another event in NYC that is big for Funko fans.
Flip or Flipper:  a term used by some members to refer to anyone who buy Funko pieces just to sell them for profit and not to collect.
Exclusive Pre-Release vs. PX Exclusive:  Pre-release exclusives are exclusive pops to a specific store for a specific period of time before being widely released. This time period can vary. Common to Hot Topic which will have a red “Pre-Release Exclusive” sticker meaning it’s only exclusive at that time. Not to be confused with Previews Exclusives (“Previews” or “PX”). These refer to Diamond which is THE comic distributor in the US and publishes the catalogue which comic book stores use to order their comics.  An exclusive to them would mean any comic store or similar who orders from Diamond can order and carry them. A PX Exclusive Pop is one that can only be ordered through Previews.
Proto:  Prototype – pre-production models of the figure  (legitimate prototypes are either found on Gemini Collectibles or given out at FunDays during SDCC).  Protos do not have COA’s so it’s always good to ask where the person got it from when buying.  (See below regarding Scrapper protos.)
Scrapper:  These are pieces that were rejected from Funko for quality control and thrown out (usually from China) – then they are picked up and resold at a very cheap price, mostly on eBay.  A big occurrence of this is with protos, which is why it’s always good to do your research before buying a proto.
Should I buy this? There’s only one answer to this. If you like it, then buy it.
What is this worth?  To determine the “worth” of a particular pop can be tricky if it’s not common. We would recommend looking at completed eBay sales to see what it’s currently selling at and work out an average. Pop Price Guide, as already mentioned, isn’t particularly accurate for UK prices. For more information, check out our onsite price guide.
Should I collect In Box or Out of Box?  This is all about personal preference. Some people keep them in the box and never take them out, some throw the boxes away keep the figure completely out of the box while others take pops out of the box and use the boxes as display stands. Whatever you choose, we won’t judge!
If I collect OOB will it lessen the value?  Some say yes. Some say no. From experience, as long as you take good care of the box and the pop, the figure will go right back inside and the value will not decrease.
Why are some pops so expensive?  Many reasons can cause a rise in price.  There are many Funko pieces made that were Limited Edition – limited to 480/360/48/24 even 12 pieces ever made.  There are also those that were only exclusively able to be bought at Conventions – not in stores or anywhere else.  Then there are those that were once commons but have been retired and are very hard to find now.  All of these cause the value of the figure to rise.  Supply & Demand.
Can I trust buying from people on Facebook Groups? We like to think that all our members are trustworthy when it come to buying and selling but unfortunately this isn’t so. If you’re uneasy about making a purchase from a particular member then there are a few things to bear in mind.
1) Check our seller feedback file
2) Check our bad members file
3) Check other groups feedback files
4) Ask an admin if they know anything about the member
5) ALWAYS make payment by PayPal goods and services
How do I know how much shipping costs?  Royal Mail offer several different postage services. Size, weight, value and destination are all things to take into consideration when posting. Use to find out a rough price. We would advise also using a ‘signed for’ any item sent as this requires a signature upon arrival and this is proof the pop has arrived.
Will I have any customs charges when buying outside the UK? If you are buying from Europe then no. If you are buying from anywhere else in the world then you always run the risk of customs if your order is over £15 (this shouldn’t include shipping costs). Customs charges are 20% of the total goods value + handling fee (£8-£13 approx). If you are wanting to purchase from a private seller outside the UK and wanting to reduce the risk of customs, ask the seller to mark the item at a value of £10/$10 on the customs form. For more information regarding custom charges visit
How do I remove a paint smudge from the window of my Pop?  Sometimes you will receive a pop with a paint smudge on the window. Before writing it off, consider trying to remove it with nail polish remover and a cotton bud. You may be surprised.
Why won’t my pop stand up? For those who collect OOB, we know the pain of having that 1 pop that just won’t stand up! First thing’s first – check the bottom of the feet.  If there is a hole in the bottom then the pop has a stand in the box that has been overlooked.  If you don’t have a stand then I guess blu-tack on the feet would be the next best option.
Let us know below if you feel you can add to this guide.
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