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Our UK Funko Pop Price Guide is very easy to use, simply search your Funko Pop and you can see actual sold prices from recent ebay sales and also an average value which can be customised depending on condition. The link below will open up our pricing tool.

UK Funko Pop Price Guide

We are working on the development of a more in depth tool and mobile app, details will be published here and on the Funko Pop UK Facebook group once it’s complete.

Our tool differs from others because we only take data from UK sales and we show you exactly how the prices are calculated. If for example you have a mint condition Pop and see an ‘out of box’ Pop in the results you can simply exclude that one sale to give a more accurate average price. You can also view further details on each like postage costs and any minor flaws or potential variants, just click the image on the results page.

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Pop Price Guide UK


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