SDCC was essentially the birthplace of Funko Pops with the first ever Pops being released exclusively to the event back in 2010. Every year since, Funko have used this event to distribute some of their most limited pops and now hold ‘Funko Fun Days’ as an integral part of the convention where people are given the chance to grab extremely limited edition Freddy Funko Pops and also prototypes.

Below we have listed every SDCC exclusive Pop Vinyl by year. We haven’t included Freddy Funko pops as our main audience is UK based and unfortunately it’s very rare that they make it over the pond. Until recently the exclusive pops have mostly sold out on the weekend of the convention but now we’re seeing more of them arrive in retailers around the world as demand grows. In 2015 these were rebranded ‘summer convention’ stickers but were just overstocks from SDCC.

2010 Exclusives

Batgirl (black) 240pcs
Batman (blue – metallic) 480pcs
Batman (blue) 240pcs
Force 2.0 Batgirl (black) 240pcs
Force 2.0 Batman (blue) (metallic) 240pcs
Force 2.0 Batman (blue) 240pcs
Force 2.0 Green Lantern (GITD) 240pcs
Green Lantern (GITD) 240pcs

2011 Exclusives

Boo Berry (metallic) 480pcs
Captain America (metallic) 480pcs
Chewbacca (flocked) 480pcs
Count Chocula (metallic) 480pcs
Franken Berry (metallic) 480pcs
Giant Buzz (metallic) 360pcs
Giant Maleficent (metallic) 360pcs
Gizmo (flocked) 480pcs
Hal Jordan (metallic) 480pcs
Mike Wazowski (GITD) 480pcs
Mr Incredible (blue suit) 480pcs
Shadow Trooper 480pcs
Sinestro (metallic) 480pcs
Spiderman (metallic) 480pcs
Sulley (flocked) 480pcs
The Thing (metallic) 480pcs
Wicked Witch (metallic) 480pcs
Winged Monkey (metallic) 480pcs

2012 Exclusives

501st Clone Trooper 480pcs
Alien (metallic) 480pcs
Ariel & Ursula 2 pack (metallic) 480pcs
Batman (Dark Knight Rises) (patina) 480pcs
Batty Shogun chase (red metallic) 48pcs
Biggs Darklighter 480pcs
Cheshire Cat (blue) 480pcs
DJ Lance Rock 480pcs
Darth Maul (holographic) 480pcs
Disco Zombie (metallic) 480pcs
Giant Mickey Mouse (black & white) 18pcs
Giant Mickey Mouse (blue & red) 18pcs
Giant Mickey Mouse (blue) 480pcs
Giant Sulley & Boo (metallic) 480pcs
Ice Bat (white) 480pcs
Ice Bat Chase (white) (GITD) 48pcs
Loki (Avengers) 480pcs
Mahna Mahna & Snowths 3 Pack (metallic) 480pcs
Martian (GITD) 480pcs
Martian (metallic) 480pcs
Ninja Batty Shogun (red) 480pcs
Oogie Boogie (GITD) 480pcs
Ox (purple) (metallic) 48pcs
Ox (purple) 480pcs
Sheldon Cooper (Batman shirt)
Sheldon Cooper (Green Lantern shirt)
Sheldon Cooper (Hawkman shirt)
Sheldon Cooper (Superman shirt)
Sorceror Mickey & Chernabog 2 pack (metallic) 480pcs
Spiderman (The Amazing Spiderman) (Metallic) 480pcs
V for Vendetta (metallic) 480pcs
Wage (black) 480pcs
Wage chase (black) (metallic) 48pcs
Winnie the Pooh (flocked) 480pcs

2013 Exclusives

Alien (bloody) 1008pcs
Amy Farrah Fowler (brown shoes) 1008pcs
Animal (metallic) 480pcs
Boba Fett (droids) 480pcs
Carl (GITD) 1008pcs
Conehead Zombie (metallic) 1008pcs
Dave (metallic) 1008pcs
Deadpool (metallic) 480pcs
Domo (Man of Steel) 1008pcs
Domo Batman (metallic) 1008pcs
Donatello (metallic) 1008pcs
Dumbo (clown) 48pcs
Dumbo (gold) 48pcs
Dumbo (metallic) 480pcs
Evil Minion (metallic) 480pcs
Finn (with sword) (GITD) 1008pcs
Genie (metallic) 480pcs
Ghostrider (metallic) 480pcs
Howard Wolowitz (Star Trek) (transporting) 1008pcs
Illidan (black) 1008pcs
James Rhodes
Kermit (metallic) 480pcs
Leonard Hofstadter (Star Trek) (transporting) 1008pcs
Leonardo (metallic) 1008pcs
Merida (metallic) 480pcs
Michaelangelo (metallic) 1008pcs
Mike Wazowski (Monsters University) (metallic) 480pcs
Miss Piggy (metallic) 480pcs
Ned Stark (headless) 1008pcs
Oswald Rabbit (metallic) 480pcs
Predator (bloody) 1008pcs
Prison Guard Walker (bloodsplatter) 1008pcs
Raj Koothrappali (Star Trek) (transporting) 1008pcs
Raphael (metallic) 1008pcs
Red Hulk (metallic) 480pcs
Rey Mysterio (black)
Rick Grimes (prison yard bloody)
Rorschach (bloody) 480pcs
Sheldon Cooper (Star Trek) (transporting) 1008pcs
Skeletor (black hood) 480pcs
Spartan Warrior (green) 480pcs
Spartan Warrior (yellow) 480pcs
Sulley (Monsters University) (metallic) 480pcs
Superman (Man of Steel black suit) 1008pcs
Tony Stark
White Ranger (GITD) 480pcs
Zombie Jake 1008pcs

2014 Exclusives

Aloha Plate Truck 4 pack
Anna (frozen)
BMO (white) (GITD) 2500pcs
Batmobile (gold) 300pcs
Billy (GITD)
Buffy (injured)
Deathstoke (unmasked) 1500pcs
Dr Peter Venkman (slimed) & metallic Slimer 2500pcs
Else (transformation)
Emi (gold) 888pcs
Feed & Barney 2 pack (red hair) 480pcs
Fred & Barney 2 pack (blue hair) 480pcs
Fred & Barney 2 pack (green & yellow hair) 480pcs
Gabriel 2500pcs
Ghost (flocked)
Ghostbusters 4 pack (marshamllowed)
Guan Yu (gold) 888pcs
Hannibal Lecter (bloodsplatter) 1500pcs
Hershel Greene (headless)
Huckleberry Hound (dark blue) 480pcs)
Huckleberry Hound (green) 24pcs
Huckleberry Hound (light purple) 24pcs
Huckleberry Hound (orange) 24pcs
Huckleberry Hound (pink) 24pcs
Huckleberry Hound (purple) 24pcs
Huckleberry Hound (red) 24pcs
Jax Teller (Reaper Crew)
Jesse Pinkman (beat up) 2500pcs
Jules (bloody)
Kerrigan (primal) 1008pcs
Lion-o (flocked) 1000pcs
Little Prince (gold) 888pcs
Luke Skywalker (hoth) & Wampa
Monk Sha (gold) 888pcs
Monk Tang (gold) 888pcs
Monkey King (gold) 888pcs
Mumm-Ra (GITD) 480pcs
Nana (gold) 888pcs
Olaf (GITD)
Pigsy (gold) 888pcs
Prime Minister (gold) 888pcs
Princess Bubblegum (GITD)
Purple Carl
Purple Dave
Rocket Raccoon (flocked)
Sakura (gold) 888pcs
Sharknado (bloody)
Slimer (GITD) 2500pcs
Sloth (Superman shirt)
Spongebob Leonardo & Plankton Shredder
Stan Lee (San Diego Comic Con)
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (GITD) 2500pcs
The Judge (gold) 888pcs
The Sheriff (gold) 888pcs
Vincent Vega (bloody) 1000pcs
Walter White (GITD) 2500pcs
Walter White (haz mat suit) (GITD) 2500pcs

2015 Exclusives

Anger (flames)
Ant-Man (blackout)
Arrow (unmasked)
Batman Conan
Batman vs Superman 2 pack (dawn of Justice) (First to Market) 500pcs
Baymax (emoticon)
Baymax (unmasked) 1008pcs
Bender (gold)
Bryan Fuller 144pcs
Captain America (Avengers 2) (unmasked)
Castiel (French mistake)
Chimichanga Truck (x-force)
Conan O’Brien
Conan’s Monster
Demonic Tyrael
E-3PO (chrome metallic)
Eleventh Doctor (cyberman head)
Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza (red eyes)
Gone Batty
Heisenberg (Blue Crystal)
Helena (parka)
Jason Voorhees (unmasked) 1008pcs
Joy (glitter hair)
Leia (boussh unmasked) 1008pcs
Lightning McQueen (Dinoco)
Lil Gruesome (green) 500pcs
Lil Gruesome (orange face) (black coat) 48pcs
Lil Gruesome (orange) 500pcs
Lil Gruesome (red) 500pcs
Lil Gruesome (yellow) 500pcs
Mr Snuffleupagus (flocked)
Murloc 3 pack (pink, blue, orange)
Olaf (barbershop quartet) (with bird)
Rapunzel (with frying pan) & Pascal (red) 1008pcs
Ravagers Rocket Raccoon (flocked)
Regina (black dress) (glitter) 1008pcs
Rocket Raccoon (Nova) & Potted Groot
Sadness (glitter hair)
Sam, Dean & Crowley 3 pack (metallic) (bloody) 175pcs
Skipper (cheesy)
Ted (remote) (flocked)
The Flash (unmasked)
Twelfth Doctor (spacesuit)
Twisty (unmasked)
Ultron (grinning)
Vegeta (metallic)
Zombie Conan

2016 Exclusives


Amazing Carlos (black) 480pcs
Amazing Carlos (blue) 3000pcs
BB8 (Thumbs Up)
Batmobile (chrome)
Big Boy 480pcs
Black and White Thumbs Up Deadpool
Blossom (first to market)
Blue Gamma (GITD) 750pcs
Bubbles (first to market)
Burning Walker
Buttercup (first to market)
Conan Ghostbuster
Conan Stormtrooper
Conan Superman
Conan The Joker
Cursed Barbossa
Deadpool (movie) (cowboy)
Doctor Strange (movie) (w/ rune)
Doomsday (6″)
Dug (Cone of shame)
Ezra (white glow glitter) 1000pcs
Golden Freddy
Gorilla Grodd (6″)
Green Goblin (w/ glider) (GITD) (Glitter)
Gus (white glow glitter) 1000pcs
Hair Bear (blue) 750pcs
Hair Bear (brown) 750pcs
Hair Bear (purple) 750pcs
Han Solo with Bowcaster
Harry Potter 3 pack
Hatbox Ghost (blue glow glitter) 1000pcs
Indiana Jones (w/ idol)
Invisible Elliott with Pete (6″)
Mag the Mighty (6″)
Malcolm Merlyn
Marcus Fenix (Black Lancer)
Marcus Fenix (Golden Lancer)
Murloc (spectral)
Newt Scamander
Olivia Moore
Otto (orange) 480pcs
Otto (purple) 3000pcs
Otto (red) 480pcs
Pajama Jack
Patriotic Snoopy
Peter Potomus & So-So (2 pack) 750pcs
Phineas (white glow glitter) 1000pcs
Purple Pieman & Berry Bird (scented)
Red Ecto 1 with Slimer
Sex Bob-Omb 3 pack
Superman (False God)
Underwater Batman
Vampire Buffy & Vampire Angel (2pack)
Violet Beauregarde
White Gamma (GITD) 1500pcs

2017 Exclusives


Holographic Princess Leia & R-D2 (2pack)
Supreme Leader Snoke (6″) (GITD)
Combat Assault Tank Trooper
Bodhi Rook
Roxy Richter 2500pcs
Nega Scott
Scott with Sword of Destiny 2000pcs
Tony Stark (holding helmet)
Captain America (Bucky Cap)
Red She-Hulk
Gwenpool with selfie stick
Mint-Berry Crunch
The Coon
Catdog (flocked)
Baxter Stockman
Ren & Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy (2 pack)
Joker Batman
Bruce Wayne
Aquaman with Motherbox
Blue Chrome Batman (Toy Tokyo)
Man Bat
Interplanetary Batman
Wonder Twins Zan, Jayna & Gleek (3 pack)
Black Lodge Cooper & Laura (2 pack)
Elliott Masked
The Tick (GITD)
Mr Clarke
Lincoln as Reaper 750pcs
Baby with Dean
Aragorn & Arwen (2 pack)
Harry on Broom
Luna Lovegood with Glasses
Occamy (6″)
Chip & Dale (flocked) (2 pack)
Bouncing Tigger (flocked)
Mr Toad 1500pcs
Hei Hei
Jolly Roger (GITD) 1000pcs
Negatron (GITD)
Tinkles/Ghost in a Jar

You can find all official SDCC updates and announcements from Funko here

For those unfamiliar with how SDCC pops are released herein the UK, here is a little guide for you…

1) nobody attending the con can guarantee getting any pop they want. Tickets, raffles and many hours of queuing are involved before anyone even enters the funko shop.

2) the majority of SDCC exclusives are usually shared exclusives meaning they will be offered to retailers worldwide as ‘Summer Convention Exclusives’ with ‘Summer Convention’ stickers. Sometimes even numbered exclusives make it over here.

3) if you want to buy the shared exclusive pops, as mentioned above, they will be offered to retailers however until they are officially offered out after the con (20th-23rd July) nobody knows exactly which pops they will be able to get hold of. Don’t hold out too much hope if you preorder items. We have heard in the past of retailers expecting pops and never receiving them therefore leaving many customers disappointed.

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