Sometimes collectors for one reason or another decide to part with their pops, either because they’re buying a better variation of a Pop, get bored of a Pop, or just stop collecting completely and wish to sell their entire collection. We understand that not everyone is familiar with online selling so below are the questions we are most commonly asked within the Facebook communities.

  • First and foremost you need to know how much your Pops are worth. We have a guide on this site to help you value your pops (here) or if you would prefer a personal valuation we are always happy to help either by contacting an admin on the Facebook group or by emailing us directly at
  • The next thing you need to consider before even listing your Pops for sale is packaging. A lot of Pop collectors will have boxes lying around the house but in our experience we’ve found it’s much easier packaging with brand new materials. These are relatively inexpensive and make the chore of selling much easier. You will need boxes, bubble wrap and parcel tape. Below are links to the best quality and value for money recommendations which are used by many people who trade in Pops.

Boxes: click here to browse current availability
(12x9x6 fit 2/3 pops perfectly and these still go as a small parcel. 9x6x6 is perfect for one pop with plenty room for bubble wrap)

Bubble wrap: click here to browse current availabilty
(This isn’t the cheapest but it’s by far the best quality. The cheaper ones are like cling film so it takes twice as much. The recommended size roll for pops is 100mx300mm)

eBay is also the best for parcel tape or fragile tape. You can get half a dozen rolls for around £4 delivered!

  • Now you have your prices and your pops are ready to be packaged and sent to their new homes, you need to decide where to sell your Pops. The obvious choice is eBay as it’s a huge marketplace with lots of buyers however, you will be hit with 10% eBay fees and 4% PayPal fees for any items you sell. The cheaper option is to list within a Facebook community group where there are thousands of active buyers (see our groups page) and you will only pay the 4% PayPal fees.
  • Next up before you list your items for sale is to calculate the postage costs. You can get a quote from Royal Mail here. Based on the packaging information above, you could send up to 3 Pops for as little as £3.95 2nd class signed (recommended).
  • The most important step of all is creating an informative and accurate sales post. If your Pop is flawed in any way, it’s always worth being honest up front. It may decrease the value slightly but it will stop complaints from buyers. Always include close up and detailed photos.
  • Once your Pop sells whether it be through Facebook or eBay, always make sure you are payed via PayPal Goods and Services (not Family & Friends). PayPal protect both the buyer and the seller against fraud.
  • Time to pack and post your pop. Pops should be wrapped in at least two layers of bubble wrap and any void spaces within the box should also be filled (not too tightly). We normally use, bubble wrap, newspaper, old wrapping paper, or packing peanuts. Always write your sender house number and postcode in small writing on the side or reverse of the parcel.
  • When you take your pop to the post office, always make sure you use a ‘signed for’ service. 1st or 2nd class standard post will cover you for a cheap pop. If selling something more expensive you can use a special delivery service for a few pounds more. The cashier will provide you with a receipt which will include the tracking number. Most buyers appreciate seeing this once the item is sent. Always make sure you keep this as it’s proof of delivery and will also cover you for any possible losses.

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