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Funko Pop values fluctuate massively year to year, or even month to month! A Pop you bought 6 months ago could have doubled or tripled in value, or even more, so getting a rough guide on the current market value is essential before deciding to sell any of your Pops, or before buying any vaulted Pops, to make sure you’re getting the full potential.

Obtaining an accurate valuation can be done in multiple ways. One of the best apps around for an average price is The Pop Directory (known as TPD). Alternatively you can search completed eBay sales using our handy link below. Simply enter the name of your pop and you’ll see all recent successful sales within the UK.

eBay UK Completed Sales Search

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Using the above link above you can compare prices of any Funko Pop sold on the UK’s biggest marketplace. It’s always worth remembering that Funko Pops sold without their original boxes, or with excess damage can often be worth around 50% less than the same Pop in retail condition.

If you would like any help placing a value on your Pops, we have a fantastic community with lots of Funko Pop collectors who will be happy to help you get started. Once you’ve made sure you know the value of your Pop, you can also sell within our group completely free.

Funko Pop UK Facebook Community

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